//Shoot Straight TV Season 2

Shoot Straight TV Season 2


Join Chad, Marsha, Walker, and Wyatt Schearer as they take you on hunts around the world.

Watch Walker and Wyatt take their first deer and also their first African animals at ages 6 and 7.

Chad gets up close and personal on a moose hunt which he takes him at 29 yards with his muzzleloader. You don’t want to miss Marsha taking her first black bear in Ablerta, however she didn’t get just one, but two bears in one night. One spot and stalk and the other in the tree stand. The whole family is along on this one!

Also, along with awesome hunts the Schearer family takes time for some fishing in Alaska and reels in an assortment of fish.

There are also several whitetail and mule deer hunts, you won’t want to miss!

On this dvd you will see the Ultimate Daniel Boone Hunting Lodge being built from ground to completion!