//Venison Cheeseburger Soup

Venison Cheeseburger Soup

2 lbs of venison burger

¼ cup of onions

¾ cup of carrots

¾ cup of celery

1 tsp of parsley

1 tsp of dried basil

4 T of butter

3 cups chicken broth

4 cups of diced potatoes

¼ cup of flour

8 oz of American cheese

½ of sour cream

Salt and pepper or salt blend to taste

*In a skillet- Brown burger and onions add salt and pepper to taste. No need to drain

*In a stock pot add chicken broth, potatoes, celery, and carrots and bring to boil.

* In another pan melt butter add flour than milk and have it thicken up. Add mixture to veggies and broth.

* Add parsley, basil and cook for 30-45 min or until veggies are soft.

* Top with sour cream and cheese.







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