//Buffalo Turtle Burgers

Buffalo Turtle Burgers


2 lb Buffalo (Venison or GB)

½ onion

¼ cup Realtree Marinade

2 packs  Realtree Bacon

1pack Realtree Baby link Sausage or Troy Laundry Baby link

Chop the onion and add it and the marinade to the ground Buffalo

Patty the Buffalo into oval shapes and cut the sausage into 3inch pieces

Shape the sausage pieces into tail and legs

Cut the bacon strips in half long ways and weave together 10 pieces

Fold bacon weave over the oval shaped ground buffalo and insert legs, head and tail

Place on a broiler rack and cook at 350° 30-40 min. or  internal temp of 150°

Serve on a hamburger bun or in a pan of gravy.

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