Real Tuna Salad

2-6 oz. Tuna filets Cooked

2- tsp Dill Relish

3- Tbsp Mayonnaise

1-Tbsp Mustard

1- dash salt

1- blk pepper

1-Tbsp Caesar Dressing (not creamy)

1/2 tsp- Italian seasoning

1-dash- 5 pepper blend (Man Cook)

5 – pcs.   Realtree Bacon- cooked and minced

3- Eggs (hard Boiled and minced)

1- dash Tabasco sauce

½ tsp minced garlic

Combine all ingredients in a bowl starting with the tuna steaks.  You will have to break the steaks up with a fork.  Add the bacon bits and the balance of the items.  You may have to add more mayo once the eggs are introduced because they tend to soak up the juices.

You will never go back to can tuna again.

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