//Stuffed Deer Loin

Stuffed Deer Loin

Deer Back Strap-Butterfly and flatten
4-oz cooked mushrooms
4-oz artichoke hearts
8-oz Realtree Marinade
2- Gloves minced garlic
1- Bunch green onion- diced
4-oz Realtree Smk. Sausage- diced
Olive oil
Butcher string

Marinate the loin in the Realtree Marinade for 2 hrs.  Place the loin on a flat surface then butterfly and flatten the loin.
Rub the loin with olive oil and minced garlic and then layer all the other items on top of the loin.  Roll the loin closed over all of the ingredients and tie with butcher string.  Bake in oven at 350° for 45min- 1hr or grill over semi-indirect heat for 2hr.  Cook to internal temp. of 150° or preferred wellness.  Once cooked, remove string and slice into 1 ½ inch steaks.

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