//Realtree Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Realtree Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

2- Bunches of Asparagus spears (trimmed)

1/2 cup Realtree Marinade

¼ cup Syrup

1- 12oz pack Realtree Bacon
¼- cup Brown sugar
1- tbs Olive oil
1- tsp Beef bouillon ( powder form)

-on low heat mix syrup and brown sugar with the Realtree Marinade

-marinate the Asparagus (can be overnight , you may have to heat up a bit if it has congealed)
-drizzle the olive oil over the Asparagus and then sprinkle the beef base on them
-roll 4-5 pieces of Asparagus together and bind with bacon
-place on slotted broiler pan and pour balance of marinade mix over them and sprinkle with brown
– bake at 400° until bacon is crisp and asparagus is soft (15-20Minutes)

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